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Sunday, 26 April 2020

How To Perform Disk Defragmentation To Keep Your HDD/SSD/USB Perform Well In Windows 7/8/8.1/10


          Hello folks, I hope you all are doing well at your home. Today, I'm going to discuss with you regarding the fragmentation of your physical drive (HDD/SSD/USB). Don't worry if you are not aware of this process, I will explain this process in detail and also share with you the steps on how to overcome it.

          Whenever you perform any operation (such as download, copy or delete files) with your physical drive, the system will convert those files in binary and stores them into blocks. For easy understanding, you can refer to the below image.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

[Solved] - How To Remove Unwanted Advertisements From uTorrent Free Version


          It's been a long time since I posted on my blog. Nowadays, torrent sites are used a lot to download movies, videos, software, games, e-books and many more. To download files from torrent sites, one of the best tools is µTorrent. µTorrent allows you to download files from torrent sites. You can download µTorrent from their official site.

          µTorrent is being offered in different editions i.e. Pro+Vpn, Pro, Ad-Free, and Basic. You can compare these editions here.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

[Solved] - How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer/USB/External Hard Disk Permanently Using CMD


          I always use good antivirus program and maintain my laptop very well. I never got any virus in laptop at all. But once my friend needed some movies and games so I gave him my USB. After two days, he gave it back to me. I inserted my USB in my laptop. And guess what I found??? I found so many shortcuts in my USB and I can't able to access any of data which I gave to my friend. I tried to scan it from different different antivirus programs and also used Windows Defender but that wasn't enough to remove that shortcut virus. Then I searched a lot on internet and then find a solution to remove it and that's what I am sharing with you today.

          There are many viruses available but now a days these shortcut viruses are really embarrassing for all the users. Because these viruses are hardly detected by any antivirus. So it was become headache to remove them permanently. Follow this tutorial and it will definitely help you to get rid off these shortcut viruses.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

How To Run Command Prompt (CMD) With Administrator Privileges In Windows XP/7/8/8.1


          Almost everyone knows what is Command Prompt (CMD) and how to use it. I am sure many people have tried some common commands in CMD. There are many commands available that can allow you to execute without Administrator Privileges. But there are some commands those need Administrator Privilege in order to execute them. So it is necessary to run CMD as Administrator in that situation.

          Whenever you are operating with Command Prompt (CMD), you often get "Access is Denied" or some permission related errors. In that case, one of the cause of that error is you need to run CMD with Administrator Privileges. This tutorial may help you to run CMD with administrator privileges.